Survivor Football
What is Survivor Football?

A Survivor Football league, also known as an elimination league, suicide league, last man standing league, survivor football pool or a pick 'em league, is a competition among participants to see who will outlast their opponents during the regular football season. The premise is simple: each week you pick one team to win their game. If your team wins, you stay in the competition; if they lose, you're out!


Each league is run by a commissioner who creates the league, chooses the rules, invites members and manages the league using's league management software. Unlike other sites that charge by the number of members in a league (for example, $1.00 per member), there is no limit on the number of members you can have in your competition. At, the commissioner pays a low, flat-rate fee of $25 to host the league and is provided with cutting edge league management software to make running their competition a breeze.


One of the most exciting aspects of the league management software is that it

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Do you love football? Do your friends love football? Then why not start your very own 'Survivor' league?! Unlike many other football league sites, does not charge you for how many members participate in your league. Instead, you pay a flat-rate of $25 for creating and hosting your league whether you have 20 members or 200 members! There are no additional costs.

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If you love football and the thrill of competition but you're a bit short on cash (or maybe just short on friends - ouch!) then why not try a FREE public league on That's right, FREE. This is


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